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Peranakan House Reborn
Stepping into National Kitchen is akin to stepping into approximately other mini museum of its own. Or rather the realms of a Peranakan house.

Over 200 peranakan tiles encompass approximately of the wall of the 3000 sq ft eating spot located inward the catch of National Gallery, spell other corners spot former photos. The titles came shape former houses that create got been torn down, but silent real much worthy equally utilization of historic restorations. Ms Violet Oon 66, has been a potent advocate of  'The Singapore Taste' through her cooking as well as writings as well as has pose upwards National Kitchen to advocate only that. 

 There is approximately other outlet going past times the hollo of Violet Oon Singapore located inward Bukit Timah Road as well as we were in that location to celebrate the birthday for my bestie!

My ladies

The Interior
The pattern of the eating spot came most with the assist of a Design Innovation Assistance grant from the Design Singapore Council. With the grant they brought the best designs inward this restaurant, driven past times local pattern solid Black. To create a homey feeling, spot the petty touches around. You volition live on able to run into spice pots near the entrance. From documentary, the restaurant's bar as well as takeaway boxes is greenish inward tone, to reverberate Ms Oon’s Chinese name- Swee Gek pregnant Jade.

Snap Snap
Of course, nosotros could non missed out the chance to accept dozens as well as dozens  ample photos.
Don't justice us. We were non the only ones equally every guests was busy snapping away. Who wouldn't inward this lovely setting? 

Fine Dining. Local Style.
 If yous desire to print your appointment or his/her family, greenback National Kitchen on your list. Not only is the ambiance romantically soothing with the unique settings of local Peranakan flavor, the card boosts exquisite selections that non only looks neat on presentations but large on gustation too. 
In addition, live on charmed past times the attentive waiters/waitress droning uniforms designed by Priscilla Shunmugam of renowned local womenswear build Ong Shunmugam as well as flip through the card produced as well as designed alone past times  local bookbinding society Bynd Artisan.
Phew... large names nosotros create got there.

With my darlings

The Real Deal...
let's start!

Pineapple Patchere 
Start off with an appetiser to pose things rolling.
This achar-lookalike is a starter consisting of a mix of pineapples, raisins, chillies as well as yoghurt (!) As decided inward the card " Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 sugariness sour sauce spiced gravy of turmeric, ginger, garlic as well as shallots infused with the perfume of curry leaves"
Mouth watering already? Indeed it's 1 hearty season of spices as well as stimulating senses on your gustation buds.

Coronation Chix inward Wanton Leaf Cup
The word Coronation sets us thinking as well as upon searching, it's truly a play inward relating to the  'coronation ceremony' as well as the placement of a crown. This petite dish basically portrays the nation of a 'crown' topped with sauteed savory chicken bites inward curry sauce with golden raisin sauce. The crown crust was crispy as well as flaky as well as married happily with the toppings. We wished it was larger though- besides good. 

Cod fish inward creamy laksa sauce
Snowy, smoothen cod fish pan-fry on the side till crisp. The highlighting comport upon comes from the creamy laksa sauce for an all inclusive spicy, asam-sourness. 
More please!

Hakka Abacus Beads
Taro dumplings, a traditional dish inward the Hakka nutrient history, equally ever flavourful as well as savory stir fried with the other condiments such equally dried shrimps, cuttlefish, chicken as well as mushroom.
算盘子 suan pang zi signifies wealth as well as resembles the likes of a yuan bao ( a shape of coin inward ancient china)
Preparing these abacus beads past times manus is fourth dimension consuming as well as though I create got non done it earlier personally, I hit know that kneading the dough, made from smashing taro as well as tapioca flour mix, is an uphill task. 
What's more, inward improver to all the other ingredients that 1 has to pose upwards to stir kid the abacus together as well as the amount of endeavor is tremendous. Thus this dish is getting harder to uncovering outside. 
Do yous know of whatsoever other places serving delicious Hakka Abacus Beads ? 
Let me know! 

Ever a mutual local dish, our favourite bbq satay sticks wow-ed us with a modify inward presentation at the National Kitchen.
Quality overrides quantity, turning to a real much good adored tender burn downward flamed chicken stick with the particularly concocted spicy peanut sauce on the side. 
Pineapple Upside Down
Desserts came on a sugariness greenback with the mini cake pose on top of fragrant butterscotch sauce. Yums!

 Ayam buah keluak
You can't missy this traditional dish inward the Peranakan menu. The friendly staff mentioned that Buah Keluak has a poisonous nature earlier fermentation. The whole fruit is poisonous silent the seeds are "detoxified" earlier it goes into our breadbasket via boiling inward which the toxicant leaches out. Regardless of the number of times I create got had Buah Keluak, I silent cannot larn accustomed to the gustation of this fruit- acquired and inward a realm of its own. Mostly unremarkably seen cooked with curry chicken, the experience comes from earthworks the flesh from the nut. The gustation of course of report is awesome- curry as well as all, but the nut was non to like shooting fish in a barrel to larn accustomed to. Nevertheless it's an awesome slice as well as the taste, season is correct on point. 

Take your time, relish as well as allow fourth dimension operate past times by- slowly. Chat, express mirth wine, dine. Don't rush into things. This is the experience National Kitchen wants guests to larn out with. It's a wonderful dining experience- both visual as well as sensory
Prior reservations are needed thence majority to avoid disappointments. ii seating are available: 12-3pm as well as 6-11pm. 

With the bd ger
Mon- Sun: 12-3pm as well as 6-11pm. 
9834 9935


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