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Have you lot take away heed nigh Airbnb? 

Carousell are currenntly collaborating alongside Airbnb on a travel-related campaign.

This particular campaign’s aim to encourage people to listing their pre-loved move items on Carousell, part a flake of a storey behind those items together with include the travail hastag, together with v lucky winnders alongside the best stories volition acquire to win $500 of Airbnb move credits!

How to bring together the contest?
  1. Download the Carousell app
  2. List 1 or to a greater extent than items that are related to your move sense for sale together with inwards the detail description.
  3. Tell us the move storey the items represents together with add together hashtag #CarousellxAirbnb
  4. Submit your listing(s) to the Carousell marketplace

Log on to to banking concern check out what others bring shared!

This competitor ends on xi September 2015

What items tin live sold ?

Books, bags, cameras, clothes…. Anything you lot tin intend of, thence acquire creative! Items tin live build novel or pre-loved, simply they should live inwards a usable condition. Do your best to depict the status of your items to deal potential buyers empathise it better.

Most importantly, nosotros desire to take away heed all nigh the inspiring stories behind those items that bring travelled alongside you lot or which you’ve picked upward during your travels. Share those stories alongside your potential buyers thence that the memories alive on!

Example of a adept stories

Item: Handmade wallet

Story: I bought this wallet spell on my telephone substitution trip to Cambodia. It was the lastly 24-hour interval together with nosotros were returning to Singapore that really evening, thence nosotros were all glad to bring been able to mash inwards a lastly infinitesimal shopping trip! As my existing wallet at the fourth dimension was falling apart together with I actually struggled alongside keeping the coins inwards ane place. I urgently needed a novel wallet. I looked unopen to for nigh an hour, together with thence I spotted an elderly lady at the corner of the Russian Market( Tuol Tom Poung Market) who was selling some beautiful purses. I went over to enquire for the cost together with realised she exclusively spoke Khmer, thence a younger neighbouring vendor who spoke some english helped to translate.

The elderly lady, who had a gentle smiling together with really variety eyes, told me that she made the purses herself because she was adept at sewing, having learnt how to produce thence at a immature age. When I asked her why she was nonetheless working out hither on her own, she replied maxim she needed the money to pose her grandchild though schoolhouse because the child’s parents had gone missing some yr earlier. I was really touched past times her storey together with wanted to deal her equally much equally I could, thence I bought v purses from her (some equally gifts for my family).

I’ve used 1 purse for myself together with given away iii purses to my household unit of measurement members, together with I’m listing this concluding purse for sale, hoping that somebody else who is touched past times this storey would purchase it together with peradventure take in the elderly lady some 24-hour interval when inwards Cambodia.


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