Things to do in Singapore: Europe - Seven Countries , Fourteen Cities For Xxx Days S$2140 (Updated 2017)

My fellow as well as I decided to larn Europe backpacking.

Let's GO!

Yes, nosotros did it inside our pocket-sized budget. We had visited seven countries, fourteen cities for our wonderful xxx days. We full pass S$2140 per somebody inwards shipping as well as accommodations. 

We visited (in Sequence):

1.  Milan, Italy
2.  Verona, Italy
3.  Venice, Italy
4.  Paris, France
5.  London, United Kingdom
6.  Cardiff, United Kingdom
7.  Tonypandy, United Kingdom
8.  Swansea, United Kingdom
9.  Brussels, Belgium
10. Porto, Portugal
11. Barcelona, Spain
12. Madrid, Spain
13. Geneva, Switzerland
14. Ferney Voltaire, France


Qatar Airline (Multi-City)

Singapore -> Doha -> Milan 

Geneva -> Doha -> Singapore

Total cost: S$878

In-flight Food!
EasyJet Airway

EasyJet Airline is a British low-cost airline carrier based at London Luton Airport. Booking as well as online check-in was slow as well as smooth. However, this budget airline was real strict for the allowance baggage. Please don't effort your luck to carry-in. The fee is real expensive. 

Venice -> Paris 
Cost : S$70

Madrid -> Geneva
Cost : S$60

Ryan Air

Ryanair airline is an Irish Gaelic low-cost airline headquartered inwards Swords, Dublin, Ireland, amongst its principal operational bases at Dublin as well as London Stansted airports. This airline required to check-in online or you lot volition endure charged at 45 EURO fee per passenger. Please read their term as well as status for their size as well as weight restrictions on manus luggage. This is the best budget airline for curt distance because the seats are non comfortable equally no back upwards for lower back, as well as width restricted past times armrests containing repast tray. 

Brussels (Zaventem) -> Porto
Cost : $38.50

Porto -> Barcelona
Cost: S$39

Total cost: S$77.50


Vueling airline is a Castilian low-cost airline based at El Prat de Llobregat inwards Greater Barcelona amongst hubs inwards Barcelona-El Prat Airport as well as Leonardo da Vinci- Fiumicino aerodrome inwards Rome, Italy. Online check-in was slow as well as smooth. Don't facial expression much for this budget airline.

Barcelona - Madrid
cost: S$66.50

Total cost of flights: S$1092.00

*tips: Always subscribe newsletter from the Airlines as well as hence that you lot volition know the latest promotion.


Milan -> Verona
cost: S$19

Verona -> Venice
cost: S$19

Paris -> London
cost: S$75

London -> Tonypandy
cost: S$50

London -> Belgium
cost: S$75

*tips: Below 26 years old, you lot volition endure able to larn pupil price.

Milan, Italy

Accommodation @ Hotel Brasil Milano 
cost: 22.50 EURO S$32.23 (per somebody for a night)
website: hostel world

Hostel Brasil Milano was average. We booked a double bedchamber amongst no individual bathroom. The hotel is about the subway station as well as about urban centre center. It's a expert house for a curt stay.
Milan Cathedral

Milan Cathedral is the cathedral church building of Milan, Italy. It is to dedicate to St Mary of the Nativity, it is the topographic point of the Archbishop of Milan, currently Cardinal Angelo Scola. It took almost 6 centuries to complete. It is a wonderful house to watch if you lot are architecture as well as history lover. 
random street inwards Milan

Verona, Italy
Accommodation @ Sleep Easy Hostel
cost: S$ 26.48 (per somebody for a night)
Website: Hostelworld

Sleep Easy Hostel was beyond my expectation. The hostel is quite far from the develop station as well as non slow to find. There were bedbugs!!
Arena of Verona
Romeo as well as Juliet

Case di Giulietta (Juliet's house) is the overnice place. However, it likewise crowded as well as goose egg much to do. It's worth for a curt visit.

Venice, Italy

Accommodation @ Airbnb (whole apartment)
cost: S$ 88 ( per somebody for 2 nights)
website: Airbnb

The host was real friendly as well as told us where to larn as well as what to eat. He also recommended us to purchase tourist locomote bill of fare (Actv). We bought a Junior give-up the ghost (age 6-29) for 29 Euro. It's included rolling Venice urban centre give-up the ghost as well as transport. It's validity for three days (72hours). 
St Mark's Square Venice

Glass factory

Paris, France

Accommodation @ Vintage Hostel Gare du Nord
cost: xxx Euro S$45.65 ( per somebody for a night)
website: Hostelworld

Vintage Hostel Garu du Nord located five min away from the Anvers subway station. The room was real clean. The receptionist was real friendly as well as welcome us amongst a smile. I dearest their breakfast particularly their croissant bread. 
Arc De Triomphe

Eiffel Tower

London, United Kingdom 

Accommodation @ Airbnb (private room)
cost: S$37 (per somebody for ii nights)
website: Airbnb

We stayed at nearby Stratford station. The room was real clean. 
St. Pancreas Railway station
Cardiff, United Kingdom 

Accommodation @ my aunt house
cost: FREE!!


Pierhead Building
Pierhead Building 

Tonypandy, United Kingdom 

Accommodation @ my aunt house
cost: FREE !!
my aunt house's rooftop
a pocket-sized loma at nearby Tonypandy

Swansea, United Kingdom

I didn't remain at Swansea. It's only a curt watch over there. The house was real beautiful as well as relaxing to chill at.

Swansea bay beach

Swansea beach bay
Brussels, Belgium

Accommodation @ Airbnb (private room)
cost: $47 ( per somebody for ii nights)
website: Airbnb

Our hosts were real friendly as well as fifty-fifty present us where to larn as well as what to consume inwards their area. We booked the expanse was real close to all the pop attractions. We had saved a lot of coin inwards term of transportation. I volition definitely recommend you lot to mass Airbnb. It's worth for everything!

Manneken Pis 

Porto, Portugal

Accommodation @ Airbnb (Whole Apartment)
cost: S$30 (per somebody for ii nights)
website: Airbnb

The bird that nosotros booked was real attain clean as well as convenient. We had our ain kitchen to ready for our breakfast. Porto is a real n
Heritage Tram

Porto Cathedral (Se Cathedral) outside

Ponte de D.Luis

Rabble Boat ( vino wine vino !)

Bolhão Market

Barcelona, Spain

Accommodation @ Airbnb (private room)
cost: S$160 ( per somebody for five nights)
website: Airbnb

La Rambla street


La Boqueria

Madrid, Spain

Accommodation @ Airbnb (private room)
cost: S$64 ( per somebody for ii nights)
website: Airbnb 

El Oso y El Madrono ( the Bear as well as the Strawberry Tree)

La Puerta del Sol

Outside Airbnb apartment

Geneva, Switzerland 

Accommodation @ Airbnb (private room)
cost: S$117 ( per somebody for ii nights)
website: Airbnb

Our host real friendly as well as he fifty-fifty drew a map for us which places to larn to as well as where to eat. I only dearest this house because it is real clean.

Random street

High cost of living that why nosotros were sad

A overnice slice of art

Jet d'Eau

Giant chess board
*tips: If you lot larn far at Geneva International Airport, you lot tin give the sack larn your lxxx minutes ticket for Geneva Public carry (Zone 10) for free. The ticket machine is located at the luggage retrieval hall as well as prints the gratis ticket without whatever requirements or limitations upon the pressing the button.

Free ticket entitles you lot to accept an aerodrome train, bus, tram, as well as mouette. 
Free shipping ticket for 80minutes
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