Things to do in Singapore: (Japan Sep 2018) Hateful Solar Daytime 4: Watch Sendai

Day iv (18 Sep 2018) : Visit Sendai

After hours of travelling on the overnight bus, nosotros lastly arrived at Sendai at 5+am inwards the morning.
The temperature hither was much cooler than Tokyo, together with I lastly could position my jacket into use.

Sun is simply rising, together with nosotros were walking to our hotel from the motorcoach driblet off point.

Sendai Station

Since it was all the same also early on to check-in to our hotel, hence nosotros simply deposited our luggage bags at the hotel, together with went for a walk around for a stroll to await for places where nosotros tin pass some fourth dimension to residual spell waiting for shops to open.

This is how nosotros ended upward at a Manga cafe (DICE) close the Don Quijote store equally good equally our hotel.  
This exceptional chain of manga cafe requires membership signup, hence nosotros spent some fourth dimension trying to figure out how to sign upward for the membership, since everything was inwards Japanese, together with both myself together with the staff at that spot was trying to figure out how to fill upward inwards the address department of the membership form, since at that spot wasn't an pick for me to select for my province (the cast caters to Nippon address).  

This chain seemed to live slightly to a greater extent than expensive (compared to the others I've been to previously), but then, it's fast becoming my fav manga cafe chain.  We got a 3hr pack, together with chose a someone soundproofed room where nosotros could also sing karaoke.  Not simply Japanese songs, but at that spot were also some English linguistic communication together with Chinese songs also (but both of us mainly simply selected songs from our fav Japanese idols, heh.) 

We also ordered some nutrient (fried rice for me, spaghetti for my friend) that were delivered to our room. 

Although most manga cafes offers costless menstruation drinks from their vending machines, but this exceptional manga cafe also offers costless menstruation soft-serve H2O ice cream!! This is how nosotros cease upward eating H2O ice cream hence early on inwards the morning.

After spending iii hours at the manga cafe, it's lastly fourth dimension to lead maintain a stroll along the sheltered shopping street close Sendai station.

We passed past times a UFO catcher that has my husband's fav sheep character!!
And so, I gave it a try, since I gained abit to a greater extent than confidence subsequently helping my friend select grip of her Tigger the previous evening.

After spending nigh 1500yen, I lastly caught it!! Yey!!
Damn it's huge!  Now I had to figure out how to comport this around for the residual of the trip.  Haha. 

We together with hence took a curt subway scheme ride to Yaotome station, because the identify unit of measurement advert of i of the members inwards the grouping that nosotros similar (Hey! Say! JUMP) is "Yaotome".  There's basically zip much close this station other than residential area, hence nosotros simply took some photos together with and hence went dorsum to Sendai station.

Member mascots for Yaotome Hikaru together with Yabu Kota from Hey! Say! JUMP.

Member mascot of Yaotome Hikaru at Yaotome station.  We also managed to purchase a station advert keychain too.

Returning dorsum to Sendai station, nosotros went shopping at Sendai Parco, which is simply side past times side to Sendai station.

There's also a Pokemon store hither too.

Then, nosotros walked around again, looking for lunch, equally good equally heading for a 2d mitt majority store (Book-Off). 


2nd mitt periodical together with books browsing at Book-Off
 There are genuinely many outlets for Book-off across Japan.
Japanese magazines that nosotros commonly larn from Kinokuniya at Singapore are similar SGD15-17.  
But over here, I could larn 2d mitt magazines betwixt 100-600yen each (about SGD1.30-SGD8).
Not simply jpop together with idol magazines, I also similar to browse japanese handicraft magazines too, which I also bought a few of during this trip. 

Around belatedly afternoon, nosotros checked-in into our hotel room, together with took a curt residual earlier heading out to uncovering dinner.

Katsudon from convenience store again.

Some fourth dimension inwards the middle of the nighttime (close to 1am), spell I was lying on the bed reading my ebook spell trying to sleep, I felt my bed shake. Since I lead maintain encountered fry earthquake earlier during my previous Nippon trips, hence I know that this is an earthquake.  
I checked jma website as good equally switched on the tv, together with certain enough, there's the earthquake alert.
From the magnitude, I figured that I don't genuinely necessitate to dash out of the building, hence I monitored the website together with idiot box for details for some other 15mins or so, together with and hence went dorsum to endeavor to sleep.
My friend patently slept through the entire earthquake without knowing. -_-

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