Things to do in Singapore: Travel Similar A Local Alongside Maxther

When y'all go to Siem Reap, y'all ever become to Angkor Wat in addition to a few famous museums. Do y'all desire to sweat a unique agency to explore in addition to larn how the locals live?

I tried one-half 24-hour interval cycling - sense the off-beaten rail of Siem Reap through the aid in addition to thoughtful proffer past times They particularly customise for my activeness for my like.

Before I outset my activity, my tour guide part nigh the hamlet in addition to uncomplicated greeting.

This is my tour guide, Bunsorng. 

Here are the activities:

1st Stop: Local Market

H5N1 brusk stretch of the local marketplace that sells everything what the local need. When nosotros arrived, at that topographic point were non many people inwards the market. My tour guide shared that locals ever become to the marketplace at` to the lowest degree twice a day. It is because they practise non receive got a fridge at home.

I tried their local snacks, Central Khmer glutinous rice cake. There was 2 flavours, banana, in addition to pumpkin. I prefer pumpkin glutinous rice.

2nd Stop: Rice Paddies

I did non acquire a jeopardy to run into the procedure of making noodle because I arrived belatedly morning. But my tour guide explained the procedure of making noodle. They using the manual machine to brand noodle daily. Every 24-hour interval they demand at to the lowest degree 50-kilogram rice to brand the noodles for the locals.

3rd Stop: Handmade Rattan Basket

A traditional handmade rattan handbasket that passes downward from the older generation. 

We stopped at i of the houses to accept a await how it makes from rattan to a beautiful basket.  The missy said that it takes her to complete iii hours if she focuses doing it. Her married adult man volition aid her to collect the rattan from the nearby river. 

4th Stop: Rice vino (included small-scale pigs, ducks, in addition to chickens farm)

Rice vino is really pop inwards South-east Asia. Commonly used for cooking. 

I learnt the procedure of the brewed rice wine. It takes a few weeks to brew a rice wine. For the leftover rice, it volition feed the pigs, ducks in addition to chickens.   

I tried freshly brewed rice wine. The aroma was sweet. 

5th Stop: Handmade Piggy Bank

Our really concluding terminal at a solid unit of measurement solid that produces handmade piggy bank. 

Piggy banks are really pop inwards South East Asia. Since I was young, my woman bring upwards bought a plastic piggy depository fiscal establishment for me. In Singapore, nosotros commonly saw plastic piggy depository fiscal establishment instead of clay. 

I learnt the procedure of making a piggy depository fiscal establishment from the clay. It's a traditional agency of making in addition to moulding their clay into beast forms. The possessor is really creative because he designed dissimilar type of animals fifty-fifty angry bird. 

Additional Information

Cycling estimated distance: 17 - twenty km

Cycling Environment: Flat terrain, dirt road

Fitness Level: 2/5 

What to wear: Comfortable wearing clothing in addition to covered shoes

What it included: Local snack in addition to drink

Where to Book:

Promo code: MAX-DIARI

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