Destinations and Things to do in Singapore: Singapore Move Tips

Singapore - i of the most expensive metropolis inwards the WORLD. And now, how tin flame yous build it cheap? Well, if yous actually desire to bask Singapore but your inwards a tight budget (then don't go) but kidding.  Let me give yous some tips on how to pass those Sing Dollars wisely :)

1. Get a MAP - i time yous arrived Changi Airport, select grip of a map, they conduct maintain dissimilar maps (for free) but larn i of each.  Then read it !!!

2. EZ Link Card - your tour volition hold upwards a lot easier if yous conduct maintain this card. Pay MRT, bus, Entrance Fees as well as Food using this card. I mean value I bought it for nearly five or seven SGD on my offset catch means dorsum 2009. 

3. PLAN your itinerary - yous tin flame relieve non alone coin but fourth dimension if yous planned your itinerary good according to locations.  

4. NO ENTRANCE FEEs -  If yous similar shopping or window shopping as well as thus I mean value yous volition experience the SHOPPING MALL OVERLOAD hither but if yous would desire something similar historical, nature or but to chill cheque out this places here.

5. ACCOMMODATION - hotels inwards Singapore are quite expensive, cheque backpackers inns, transient houses or improve withal inquire your friends if they tin flame adjust yous for mayhap a hateful solar daytime or 2 heehhee.. that would hold upwards a lot of savings :)

6. HAWKER - if Philippines got "karinderya" this is the Singapore version of it.  And yous tin flame larn for equally depression equally 2 SGD for a consummate laid upwards of meal.

7. USD - whenever travelling exterior the country, ever deport USD notes.  Most of the fourth dimension the rates tends to increase, as well as that's good. You'll conduct maintain a dyad to a greater extent than of dollar to spend.

8.  ATTRACTIONS - Entrance Fees for Singapore's pop attractions was placidity expensive, allow me intermission it downward to yous guys:

MBS (Marina Bay Sands) - 20SGD for the Sands SkyPark Observation Deck but yous are non allowed to swim non unless you're a hotel guests.

USS (Universal Studios Singapore) - 74SGD for i hateful solar daytime pass 

Marine Life Park -  the World's Largest Aquarium for 33SGD entrance fee

Adventure Cove - 33SGD as well as delight pass your entire hateful solar daytime hither to bask it

Singapore Flyer - 33SGD. If London got LONDON EYE as well as Manila Got MOA EYE as well as thus this is what they conduct maintain inwards Singapore. 

9. ANCHORPOINT inwards Alexandra Rd. - if yous dearest Cotton On, Giordano, Billabong, Fox, G2000, as well as Charles as well as Keith, as well as thus this OUTLET shopping house is for you.  Get the best deals on this branded items upwards to 70% off.

10. TOURIST TAX REFUND - if yous pass to a greater extent than than 100SGD yous tin flame refund the revenue enhancement at the airport. 

11. Phone amongst GPS - this is my savior. Especially when I demand to walk from i house to some other or uncovering a specific place. Thanks to Motorola RAZR that perfectly industrial plant fifty-fifty without the internet. 

12. KNOW YOUR BUS STOP - it is eminent that yous know your motorcoach halt since the buses hither has a designated stops, i time yous missed it, yous but demand to walk equally inwards WALK to become to your destination. Take this advise, conduct maintain a photograph of the motorcoach stops as well as thus count :) or interrogation earlier leaving your house, cheque or

Please conduct maintain Federal Reserve notation the Singapore was rattling slowly to navigate as well as to become to a greater extent than or less the tourist spots, but if yous desire to hire a
tourist guide or bring together a grouping tour" it's actually upwards to yous since it volition actually toll yous dyad of dollars more.

If yous political party similar there's no tomorrow land drinking a beer that toll nearly 12SGD per bottle, smoking that cigarette for 12SGD per pack as well as your nutrient for nearly 10SGD. Well, I mean value inwards Singapore you'll lessen all of these. That's a rattling expensive black life, don't yous think?

Hope I was able to give yous an sentiment on how much yous would hold upwards needing when travelling to Singapore.  Just laid upwards the budget as well as operate on that, non the other means around. 



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