Destinations and Things to do in Singapore: Sentosa Island


This is non my start fourth dimension to see Sentosa Island but everytime I instruct there, they ever create got something novel to offer, thence it is every bit if my start time. This is 1 of those places that yous demand to pass a hateful solar daytime or 2 but to bask it since your paying a HUGE total of coin for the experience :)

How to go?

You create got lots of options:
  • Cable Car -  this would endure the the most exciting agency to instruct at that spot for $26SGD located inward Harbourfront.  And yes, i tried it on my start see in addition to yous volition endure able to run into the aerial persuasion of the city.
  • Express Train - If $26SGD was quite expensive for you, in addition to thence accept the develop inward Vivo City for $4SGD only.  This is a smaller version of MRT.
  • Sentosa Boardwalk - If you're upwards for a long walk in addition to desire to create got a piffling chip of practice during your trip, in addition to thence accept this option. There are walkalators on the Boardwalk amongst gaps but to lessen your stress. This volition alone terms yous $1SGD to instruct inward Sentosa (CHEAPEST)
  • Bus - there's a charabanc exterior Harbourfront that would convey yous to RSW (Resorts World) for less than $2SGD  

What to See?

  • Universal Studios Singapore (USS) - Entrance Fee  $74SGD - this was a piffling chip expensive for me since I'm non actually adventurous on rides in addition to non a Woody Woodpecker fan. I skip it :)  But delight don't endure discourage to go, I'm certain yous volition bask it somehow. 
  • Marine Life Park - So many things create got alter since the final fourth dimension I measurement on this Island in addition to this is but 1 of them. It was divided into 2 parts that terms $33SGD each:
  1. S.E.A Aquarium - The WORLD's Largest Aquarium in addition to yous volition never endure disappointed  since they produce create got tons of fish varieties, gazillion gallons of water, humongous aquarium, in addition to a large expanse to lay everything together.  
  2. Adventure Cove Waterpark - due to lack of fourth dimension I was non able to swim hither (Which i regret upwards until this day) The H2O slides, swimming pools, in addition to other attraction that they create got was thence amazing.  Kids in addition to kids at pump volition dear it here. 
  • Songs of the Sea - for $12SGD, yous volition bask the lights in addition to sounds of this show.  It was my start fourth dimension to run into images on H2O amongst dissimilar low-cal colors in addition to I was similar a vii twelvemonth former kid watching.  
  • Skyline Luge Sentosa - $13SGD in addition to yous tin experience the Skyride which I intend was okay but if your afraid of heights yous wont bask it, but the LUGE was awesome. Luge volition endure my all fourth dimension favorite ride inward Singapore specially if your racing amongst your friends..  Epic moments  :)
  • Tiger Sky Tower - $15SGD in addition to yous volition endure elevated for close 131 meter higher upwards body of body of water level.  Seeing Sentosa, Singapore, Malaysia in addition to Republic of Indonesia upwards at that spot volition endure some other experience thence create got your cameras laid in addition to accept those shots.
  • Beaches - beaches inward Sentosa produce non accuse whatever fees the Palawan, Siloso in addition to Tanjong but brand certain you'll convey some nutrient , picnic blanket , in addition to a proficient fellowship to instruct inward to a greater extent than special.  
  • iFly Singapore - heaven diving is business office of my MUST DO BEFORE I DIE but it terms to a greater extent than than what I tin pay for, $99SGD. I regret that I was non able to salve some coin for this coz I know it volition endure worth it. Have yous tried this one? how does it feel? 
Where to Eat?

There are tons of nutrient stalls, eating theatre in addition to fine dining scattered all over the isle thence produce non worry but inward illustration yous got hungry.  

Where to Stay?

This is thence obvious, i intend the Resorts World Sentosa volition seat yous lots of choices for your accommodation. Just pick something that goes amongst your budget in addition to preferences.   Rates are approximately $250SGD per night.



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