Destinations and Things to do in Singapore: Singapore's Forgotten Islands

Did you lot know that Singapore is made of 60+ islands? If too thus what happened to the other islands? Modernisation pushed the isle acre to reclaim lands too eventually "erased" some of these islands from the appear upwards of the earth.

Ever heard of Kusu, Sudong, Ubin, Tekong, Sentosa too Lazarus? Too bad, you lot may accept never gear upwards pes on these outlying islands that are slow beingness forgotten from our collective memory. But what close Rabbit Island or Pulau Sakra, Sebarok or Sekudu? Without recalling these lost islands, nosotros may never know what Singapore was earlier all the trappings of modern metropolis.

Before the British came, Singapore autumn nether the range of Indonesia's Riau Archipelago. In fact, trading has been conducted around this area.

One 'lost' isle that was significantly lost through fourth dimension was Pulau Seking. As big equally 10 football game pitches, it was 1 time the habitation to the concluding southern Kampung earlier it gave means to a landfill. Most of the island's original inhabitants were said to accept been descendants of the nomadic Orang Selat. Called "people from the Straits," they accept lived inward the isle for centuries wherein they lived amongst their families on boats too sailed from 1 mangrove coast to another. They were eventually pushed away too afterward tried to conform to growing changes - most accept became employed inward nearby Pulau Bukom.

The isle got its cite from a fable close its founder Yang Meleking. It was said that goats were released yesteryear Chinese devotees equally an offering to the benefactress, who is said to accept battled pirates to institute the isle.

It 1 time had a Malay primary schoolhouse amongst its pupils commuting yesteryear motorised sampan to the master copy isle for classes. Unfortunately it was unopen inward the early on 1980s. By 1994, the concluding 200 residents were relocated from their sea-facing kampung houses on stilts to the high-rises on the master copy island.

The pathetic affair is that the isle has since been joined to an side yesteryear side isle to shape Pulau Semakau, a huge landfill for rubbish!


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