Destinations and Things to do in Singapore: Singapore Places That You'll Forever Miss

Singapore is a modern city-state that has undergone a lot of evolution too growth. With such dynamic changes all around, historic buildings too quondam infrastructure convey to give means for the new. In the seem upwards of rapid urbanization of modern Singapore, crumbling too decrepit structures convey to live on demolished inwards monastic enjoin to brand amend ones.

In such a brusque time, nosotros cutting off our ties amongst the quondam but some of us volition miss the memories of these places nosotros no longer see. Here are the non-existent places that we'll forever miss:

New World Amusement Park

Location: Jalan Besar (currently City Square Mall)

One of Singapore's maiden off amusement parks along amongst Great World too Gay World, New World has entertained the nighttime crowd of European expats too local laborers alike amongst its exciting lineup of stripteases, boxing matches opera shows too fifty-fifty cabaret girls.

It went nether Shaw Organisation management too New World thrived for the following forty years from 1923 until the like shooting fish in a barrel 1960's. Faced amongst potent contest from shopping centers too discos, New World finally unopen its doors for proficient inwards Apr 1987.

Gay World

Location: Between Mountbatten Road too Geylang Road

In 1936, George Lee Geok Eng established an amusement common too then known equally Happy World for some $350,000. Although other amusement parks similar the New World are already well-established, it provided a unique East-West fusion nightlife scene past times showing a traditional Javanese trip the lite fantastic toe called ronggeng and a whole host amusement programs that included arcade games, movies, cultural shows, wayang, too cabaret performances.

They also hosted merchandise shows, which were quite pop for couples from the 1950s to the 1970s. In later years, it struggled to compete amongst other amusement establishments too failed to lure visitors despite having gratis admission inwards 1987. In 2000, the owners discontinued the park’s lease too it was eventually demolished together amongst Geylang Indoor Stadium a twelvemonth later.

Great World Amusement Park

Location: Currently Great World City shopping mall

Another premier amusement common was Great World. Built inwards 1929 over an quondam Chinese cemetery, it was also known to locals equally “Tua Seh Kai” inwards Hokkien. After redevelopment, the common has gained attractions such equally the Flamingo nightclub, a famous Cantonese eating home called Wing Choon Yuen (now known equally Spring Court), too a whole host of fun fair amongst rides similar Ghost Train too iv cinemas run past times the Shaw Brothers.

Queenstown Driving Centre

Location: Between Commonwealth Avenue too Dundee Road

The Queenstown Driving Centre ceased to give off Dec 13, 2014 too Earth bid adieu to this location where many people convey learned to drive. Built inwards 1968 too entirely costing $285,000, the driving centre was close the size of 2 football game pitches of 10,500 sq. m. 

During its peak, it undertook upwards to 300 Highway Code too driving tests per twenty-four hours amongst fourteen full-time driving instructors on board. Interestingly, a contrast from today’s computerized theory tests, candidates had to ‘drive’ a miniature toy auto modeled amongst pedestrian crossings too traffic lights.

Fantasy Island

Location: Sentosa (where Universal Studios Singapore is straightaway located)

During the nineties, Fantasy Island was Singapore's iconic attraction. The $54-million H2O topic common opened inwards Dec 1994 amongst its impressively huge eight-lane H2O slide that could launch people mid-air. Visitors convey to pay a compulsory entrance fee to Sentosa on overstep of Fantasy Island's entrance fee thus it limited visitor returns summation the fact that it was inaccessible due to limited SBS charabanc coverage.

These deterrents convey contributed to its demise too eventually accelerated amongst numerous media coverage of accidents too 2 deaths at the topic park. It ceased functioning inwards Nov 2, 2002.

A&W Boathouse

Location: Sentosa coastline

Built inwards 1991, a steamboat graced the shoreline of Sentosa -- a floating eating home A&W Boathouse. Unfortunately, the A&W fastfood chain did non finally long too thus is the steamboat thus it has undergone a revamp. It is straightaway known equally Stewords Riverboat too has since relocated to Marina South Pier where it houses the Santa atomic release 26 Tex-Mex Grill too Breaking Bread.

Methodist Girls School at Sophia Hill

Location: Sophia Hill

Founded on August 15, 1887 past times Sophia Blackmore, the Methodist Girls School’s mission was to render girls an education. Its humble beginnings saw nine girls whose fathers wanted them to live on educated inwards a menstruation where girls were non encouraged to become to school. Their fathers, who were all Tamil businessmen, donated coin too furniture, too helped convert the rent-free shophouse into Tamil Girls’ School, the predecessor of MGS. In 1992, the overwhelming release of students resulted inwards the school’s shift to Blackmore Drive.

Volcano Land

Location: Sentosa, No. 7, Artillery Avenue (before the Integrated Resort appeared)

Singapore is non a volcanic isle but it has tourist attraction called Volcano Land. This artificial volcano is consummate amongst mystic Mayan motifs too dinosaurs! Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 mythological explorer too his robot bring together visitors on their journey, which maiden off starts amongst an ancient excavation. At the end, the Volcano Land demonstrate finishes off amongst a ‘volcanic eruption.’

Escape Theme Park

Location: Downtown East, Pasir Ris

Escape Theme Park is an outdoor topic common opened inwards May 2000. In Nov 2011, the topic common ceased operations to facilitate redevelopment such equally the expansion of Wild Wild Wet, a H2O common side past times side to it.

Sentosa Musical Fountain

Location: On a now-demolished Imbiah Lookout amusement zone part on the island

Most Singaporeans know it equally the Musical Fountain, or the Magical Fountain of Sentosa but after 25 years, it ceased operations on March 26, 2007 too was demolished inwards the same year. The surface area could fit to a greater extent than than 5,000 people too v dissimilar shows were hosted throughout the years.

Commonwealth Avenue Cooked Food Centre

Location: Margaret Drive

Built inwards 1969, the Commonwealth Avenue Cooked Food Centre is a two-storey edifice that housed at to the lowest degree fourscore stalls. With delectable local delights similar Hainanese chicken rice, Teochew fishball noodle, popiah too char kway teow, this nutrient institution was ever crowded during luncheon hours.

Queenstown Remand Prison

Location: 50 Jalan Penjara

Officially opened on September 23, 1966, the Queenstown Remand Prison was established inwards monastic enjoin to trim back the Outram Prison capacity. Famous inmates include "Singapore, My Home Too" writer Chee Soon Juan too American teenager Michael Fay.

Before it was scheduled to live on demolished inwards 2010, Calvin Klein showcased its Spring 2010 collection too invited celebrities similar Ethan Ruan, Cynthia Koh, too Allan Wu.

Old National Theatre

Location: Corner of Clemenceau Avenue too River Valley Road

The Old National Theatre was erected to commemorate Singapore's self-governing achievement inwards 1959. As a world theatre, it hosted a lot of concerts, performances too conferences. It was selected equally the venue for the maiden off Southeast Asian Cultural Festival inwards 1963’s opening premiere, despite beingness entirely partially completed. In 1984, the home was declared structurally dangerous too closed. It was torn downward inwards 1986 for the construction of an expressway.

Old National Library

Location: Stamford Road 

The historic Old National Library was completed inwards 1960 too housed the most of import literary too majority collection of Singapore. However, the library was eventually closed on March 31, 2004 despite world dissent. Eventually, it was demolished for the construction of Fort Canning Tunnel to ease traffic to the city. This motility resulted inwards a greater awareness of Singapore’s cultural roots too gained greater world favor of heritage conservation.

Van Kleef Aquarium

Location: At the human foot of Fort Canning Hill

The Van Kleef Aquarium opened inwards September 1955 too it was the maiden off of its sort of purpose-built, fully-airconditioned oceanarium inwards Singapore. Named after 19th century Dutch expatriate Karl Willem Benjamin Van Kleef, his entire fortune was bequeathed to the Singaporean authorities for the "embellishment of the town." The oceanarium housed 6,500 marine creatures of 180 dissimilar species. When Underwater World opened inwards 1991, most visitors went in that location instead. The Van Kleef Aquarium after closed inwards 1991, amongst the edifice beingness torn downward inwards 1996.

Queenstown / Queensway Cinema

Location: reverse Queenstown MRT Station too Queensway Centre

Built inwards 1977, the 1,715-seater Queenstown Cinema was a pop hangout for students too residents alike. At that time, it had 2 cinemas too 2 large screen, which was a spectacular feat for its time. At its peak, in that location was a long queue exterior the film household particularly on weekends amongst tickets costing about S$6. It finally ceased operations inwards 1999.

Big Splash

Location: East Coast Park

Big Splash made its debut inwards 1977 amongst its 85-meter long H2O slide wowing the visitors past times beingness known equally world's highest, longest slide. Despite having the hottest attraction, the initial popularity fizzled downward too it closed inwards 2006 for redevelopment. It undergone a major facelift too it is straightaway named Playground at Big Splash, a novel dining too recreation center.


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