Things to do in Singapore: The Haircut


Santa Claus brought Eliot the entire Gilmore Girls for Christmas. The pop TV serial features the brainy together with beautiful Rory Gilmore (pictured inwards a higher house on Alexander's outcry upward screen). After watching most 10 episodes, Eliot has her ticker assail 2 things: going to Harvard together with Rory's hairstyle. We determine to focus on the 1 that doesn't involve the $60.000 yearly tuition. Since her Dad is inwards accuse of all things styling (he is the 100% Italian parent), the 2 become shopping to honour the perfect Rory-like headband. After a walk downward Orchard boulevard which involves entering multiple shops (full disclosure: I would guide maintain given upward subsequently the get-go shop, therefore non the existent shopper of the family) success! He so takes it a footstep further, past times booking an twenty-four hours of the month to accomplish the actual look.
Fast frontward to the adjacent twenty-four hours together with Eliot misses her hair, Not inwards an understated way, she really misses it. This morning, equally nosotros hold back for the lift, merely 1 refrain: "I desire my pilus back."
Her Dad? Oh, he's on a trace concern trip to China...

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