Things to do in Singapore: Memorable Black At The Symphony

Victoria Concert Hall
Last night, every bit I listened to the Singapore Map Symphony Orchestra play Antonio Vivaldi's Four Seasons, I was in i lawsuit once again a ix twelvemonth sometime snowflake dancing on phase looking for my parents inwards the audience. Considering how nearsighted I was every bit a child, this was no slowly feat. The music was the same, in addition to nevertheless in addition to thence much more. An original program, directed past times bright commencement violinist in addition to concertmaster Igor Yuzefovich, presented each of the iv seasons past times Vivaldi followed past times a magical composition of that same flavour past times the Argentinian Astor Piazzolla. It was close similar Vivaldi in addition to Piazzolla were having a riveting musical conversation that the audience past times sheer luck was privy to. Yuzefovich's violin was pure beauty in addition to the audience was literally on the border of their topographic point listening alongside bated breath, afraid to girlfriend a unmarried note.
I acknowledge to having a soft spot for Piazzolla exactly I was amazed at how his interpretation of Vivaldi's Four Seasons, something I had heard since childhood, made it something new, relevant in addition to inspiring.
I am no longer that immature ballerina wearing her real commencement yoke of pointe ballet shoes exactly sometimes, when the music is perfect, I am reminded of her.


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