Destinations and Things to do in Singapore : Best Of Kuala Lumpur - Itinerary For Ane Solar Daytime Inward The City

Therefore, nosotros tried to elaborate an itinerary that allowed us to know the maximum of the metropolis inwards the curt fourth dimension nosotros had. 

Kuala Lumpur is a fantastic metropolis amongst to a greater extent than than vii 1000000 inhabitants, in addition to is famous worldwide for the world's tallest twin towers, the Petronas Towers.

But it is much to a greater extent than than the famous towers, it is a metropolis amongst characteristics equally dissimilar equally the people in addition to cultures that inhabit it and, they create non cease to marvel in addition to captivate who visits it. As a number of our modest experience, nosotros would similar to portion our itinerary amongst you, hoping to assistance yous conception your trip through this charming city, which has left us the sadness of non existence able to remain longer.

This itinerary was elaborated having non exclusively the interests of the adults, but also the 1 of the child, nosotros must non forget that the topic of our spider web log is work solid unit of measurement trips.

KL Sentral

We booked our hotel adjacent to KL Sentral station. The argue nosotros did it was because this station is the gateway to Kuala Lumpur, from which it is tardily to go all over the city. As nosotros did non conduct maintain much fourth dimension to properly savour the city, nosotros would pass less fourth dimension to come upwardly in addition to teach from the airport, equally good equally to create our tour of the Batu Caves.

From this base, these were the places chosen for our work solid unit of measurement trip itinerary:

1- Bird Park of Perdana Botanical Garden
2- Kuala Lumpur City Gallery
3- Building of Sultan Abdul Samad
4- Masjid Jamek
5- Central Market
6- Kasturi Walk
7- Guan Di Temple
8- Sri Mahamariamman Temple
9- Petaling Street Market
10- Kuala Lumpur City Center - KLCC
11- Petronas Twin Tower

You tin meet our itinerary on google maps on this link.

1- Bird Park of Perdana Botanical Garden

This commons is a keen agency to start your day, in addition to the kids only honey it. Just inwards the pump of the metropolis yous discovery Kuala Lumpur Bird Park, amongst over 3000 birds of nigh 200 species, both local in addition to from other locations.

The commons is huge in addition to nosotros did non teach a conduct chances to meet it all but nosotros highly recommend the visit. It is possible to purchase the ticket online, which allows a take in of upwardly to 8 hours.
You tin purchase your ticket here.

If yous conduct maintain to a greater extent than time, which wasn't our case, conduct maintain the chance to extend your take in to Perdana Botanical Garden. For us, you'll conduct maintain to remain for a adjacent time.

Address: KL Bird Park, 920, Jalan Cenderawasih
9h - 18h
Price: Adults- RM67, Child- RM45

2- Kuala Lumpur City Gallery

Our minute halt was inwards Kuala Lumpur City Gallery but, nosotros did non teach in, nosotros passed the forepart of the edifice for a quick photograph of I LOVE KL.

Address: Jalan Raja, 27
Schedule: 9h - 18h30

Price: RM5

3- Dataran Merdeka (Merdeka Square)

This foursquare is linked to the Malaysian Independence of the British, equally it was hither that the flag of Malaysia was outset hoisted on August 31, 1957. It is inwards this foursquare that annually the Independence Day parades conduct maintain place.

4- Building of Sultan Abdul Samad

Right adjacent to Merdeka Square is the Sultan Abdul Samad building. This belatedly 19th century operate served equally the administrative pump when Malaysia was a British colony. 

We passed in addition to admired the facade of the building, which stands out its famous clock tower.

5- Masjid Jamek Mosque 

Just behind Sultan Abdul Samad is Masjid Jamek Mosque. It is so unopen that it is worth a visit

Address: Jalan Tun Pherak   


Of course of written report Kuala Lumpur could non immature lady a Chinatown and, of course, this infinite would conduct maintain to last a keen spot to swallow in addition to store and, is sure enough a must create inwards Kuala Lumpur. You volition discovery everything yous tin hold off inwards a Chinatown...

6- Central Markt

The Central Markt is a keen house to start your take in through Chinatown. With nigh xc years, this marketplace has been restructured in addition to is really organized and, has natural, a keen house for shopping in addition to for choosing the perfect souvenirs of Kuala Lumpur.

Address: Jalan Hang Kasturi
Schedule: 10h -22h

7- Kasturi Walk

Right adjacent to the Central Markt is the KASTURI WALK. In this street yous tin also meet the stalls amongst everything in addition to anything else for sale, including keen food.

8- Guan Di Temple

Our adjacent halt was to meet the Guan Di Temple. This Taoist temple amongst over 100 years one-time and, it deserves a visit. It's dedicated to Guandi, the Taoist god of state of war in addition to literature and, its non large but, yous volition savour the quick visit.

See it on this keen youtube video from Dieter Langer
Adress: 168, Jalan Tun H due south Lee
Schedule: 7h - 17h
Price: Free

9- Sri Mahamariamman Temple

Without having to walk a lot, yous tin easily teach to Sri Mahamariamman Temple, also inwards Chinatown. This is the oldest Hindu temple of Kuala Lumpur, in addition to 1 of the most pop images of the city, which attracts faithfuls in addition to tourists similar us. 

Adress: Jalan Tun H due south Lee, 5000
Schedule: 6h - 20h30
Price: Free

10- Petaling Street Market

This marketplace is correct on street called Petaling Street, in addition to is amount of stalls where yous tin purchase everything!!!! As good equally existence a keen house to eat. Dont immature lady it, please!

11- Kuala Lumpur City Center - KLCC

And in addition to then nosotros took the subway scheme (LRT) until Kuala Lumpur City Center - KLCC, to destination the 24-hour interval amongst Kuala Lumpur's premier brand, the Petronas Twin Tower. But this expanse does non only jibe the towers. This is an expanse amount of greenish places, ideal for walking, amongst several hotels, shopping centers. Also ideal for eating in addition to sightseeing, but may last to a greater extent than expensive than the options named above.

12- Petronas Twin Tower

So nosotros ended our 24-hour interval adjacent to the emblematic Petronas Twin Tower. These are the biggest twin towers inwards the Blue Planet in addition to they are so impressive!!! Tickets tin last purchased online (
see it here). If yous desire to purchase them on the day, yous conduct maintain to teach early on to purchase the tickets because they commonly run out quickly.

Adress: Petronas Twin Tower
Schedule: 9h - 21h from Tuesday to Sunday, its closed from 12 to 14h30 on fridays.
Price: Adult- RM85, Child- RM35

And so nosotros finished our 24-hour interval inwards Kuala Lumpur. This fascinating metropolis deserves to a greater extent than days of take in but, considering exclusively 1 24-hour interval of visit, this itinerary allowed us to know a piffling the main attraction points of of KL.

As always, nosotros recommend that yous depository fiscal establishment check the official websites to last sure of prices in addition to schedules. The information provided refers to the outset one-half of 2018, but at that topographic point may last changes that nosotros conduct maintain non updated. If so, nosotros inquire that yous forrad us equally good equally exit us your comments in addition to recommendations.
See here, how tin yous teach to know the Batu Caves past times yourself.

We promise yous savour your work solid unit of measurement trip to Kuala Lumpur and, don't forget to exit your comment in addition to portion our 
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